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Vision Financial Chooses MortgageDashboard for Wholesale Lending Platform
End-to-end solution offered as SaaS was a winning combination for this lender.

AUSTIN, Texas, October 23, 2006—Vision Financial & Home Mortgage Inc., Minnetonka, Minnesota, has chosen a new wholesale lending automation solution from Vuecentric Inc. here, developer of MortgageDashboard, the industry’s leading mortgage loan origination system provided under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The company has implemented the system and last week presented it to mortgage brokers at the Minnesota Association of Mortgage Brokers convention in Minneapolis.

“Brokers at the show were very impressed with the technology we are now offering them,” said Zack Dyab, founder and owner of Vision Financial. “It is very important for brokers to have access to solid technology if they hope to be competitive today. MortgageDashboard is a complete solution that will make every one of our brokers more successful and that will help us accomplish our mission.”

Vision Financial was founded in 2003 with the purpose of using its vision to help members of its third-party loan origination network meet their own goals for success. The lender specializes in programs that allow for higher LTV’s, lower credit scores and larger loan sizes.

MortgageDashboard™ is a complete, Web-based loan origination system that comes with the BundleOne™ tool for quickly setting up and managing electronic partner/vendor networks. The LOS allows for straight through processing of paperless mortgage loans. It provides loan product optimization, loan application processing, all state-specific forms and disclosures, as well as automated underwriting and closing documents. BundleOne makes it easy for originators to do business electronically with vendors of their choice.

Vuecentric’s products are built on the company’s WebOrchestra™ platform, which offers a flexible, easy-to-use, real-time, secure and high-performance Web-based environment. WebOrchestra makes it possible for users to set up their own internal networks quickly — including electronic partner networks (EPNs) — and to keep all documents in the process in an electronic form from application to the closing table. The platform was designed to allow for completely electronic mortgages, but the file can be papered out for a wet-ink closing at any point in the process. All products are offered on a SaaS basis, making it fast and affordable to set up and operate.

“Loan officers and net branch managers have been using MortgageDashboard for years and getting great results,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of Vuecentric. “We’re very pleased that wholesale lenders are now seeing the power of our software and leveraging it to make their brokers more successful. We’re very proud to be working with Vision.”

About Vision Financial and Home Mortgage
Founded in 2003 to provide lending services to an ever changing market place, Vision Financial & Home Mortgage, Inc. is committed to helping home loan borrowers find the right mortgage solution for their needs, which can be different for every borrower. At Vision Financial & Home Mortgage, Inc., knowledgeable professionals combine their efforts and years of experience with our diverse product mix and flexible guidelines to create inventive mortgage solutions. With make sense underwriting and the latest technology, Vision Financial & Home Mortgage makes the process of providing a mortgage straight forward and seamless. Call us at 952-224-3370 to find out how our Vision can help you reach Your Goals.

About VueCentric
Founded in 2001 VueCentric, Inc. is a privately held mortgage technology developer specializing in providing Software as a Service (SaaS). The company’s MortgageDashboard, Web-based Loan Origination and Processing Software is the nation’s leading paperless SaaS LOS. Based on the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization’s (MISMO) data standards and e-Mortgage guidelines, MortgageDashboard is the solution of choice for mortgage loan officers and brokers, Net Branch providers and mortgage banks for paperless mortgage loan origination and processing in real-time. For more information, contact VueCentric, Inc. at 800-209-8812, or by surfing to

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About MortgageDashboard

Introduced in 2001 as the first product to market, MortgageDashboard was founded with the sole purpose of developing the very best-of-breed cloud-based mortgage loan origination software. Built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, MortgageDashboard is an end-to-end application spanning loan origination and business processes to automated compliance alerts and point-of-sale loan applications.


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