Tutorial: Navigating the Pipeline


The Pipeline

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can begin using the MortgageDashboard loan origination software. It will provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.

Step-by-Step Overview

1. Log in using the credentials provided at this address.

2. After logging-in, you will always be directed to the last page you visited on your Pipeline. The Pipeline tabs are as follows:

A. Lead Pipeline
Lead Pipeline

The Lead Pipeline serves 2 functions: to store contact information that has not been converted into an application and to receive information from other integrated MortgageDashboard applications like A La Mode’s Flex App.

After clicking on a loan number in this tab, you can fill out the information that will autopopulate into your 1003 after changing the lead to prospect. After finishing, you have the option to change the lead to prospect by clicking “Create Prospect”.

B. Prospect/Borrower Pipeline
prospect pipeline
The Prospect and Borrower tabs are the active pipelines. From a functionality standpoint, the Prospect and Borrower tabs are the same. We recommend you using the Prospect Pipeline as more of a To-Be-Determined tool for organization purposes. We recommend placing anything with a sales contract or property address in the borrower pipeline.

C. C-Alerts
MortgageDashboard C-Alerts
C-Alerts, or compliance alerts, is a pipeline that includes items needing of attention. Whenever a non-compliant action is requested or a notification is due, Your C-Alert icon on the bottom bar of your page will become red. Those items can be dealt with in your C-Alerts Pipeline.

Only active loans will appear in your C-Alerts pipeline. We recommend loan officers checking this pipeline every morning. C-Alerts let you know exactly what the issue is and how to solve it.

D. Closed/Funded/Withdrawn/Canceled/Denied/Deleted
closed and withdrawn
Items in these folders keep your Pipeline organized. Items can be moved to any one of these folders at any time from inside the loan application.

About Technical Support

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