Tutorial: Master & Navigation Templates


Master & Navigation Files.

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can use the Master and Navigation Templates to complete their loans. It will also provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.

Step-By-Step Overview

1. From the Prospect/Borrower Pipeline, click on a Loan ID. This will take you inside of a loan.
2. On the left side of the screen below the borrower information, users will find the Master Template and Navigation Template tabs.

The Master Templates are set up and managed by the administrator. Loan Officers should have them available without any kind of updates needed.

master template

A. Master Template

This will allow you to generate and select any of the different templates MortgageDashboard offers. These templates can include any combination of Good Faith Template, a Document Management Template, etc. Again, the admins will need to get these set up for the loan officers. The master template can also prefill out some of the commonly used disclosures because they’re the same for every transaction. This saves Loan Officers input time.

B. Navigation Template

This template does 2 really important things: first, it generates the list of links beneath the Borrower Summary Tab. The list is generated based on the program type that the Loan Officer chooses. For example, choosing the “Conventional Purchase” option in the Navigation Template will load other items like the 1008. Should the program change, you can easily switch templates.

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