Tutorial: Adding Loans by Importing Files


Creating Applications.

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can create an application through MortgageDashboard’s four application functions. It will also provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.

Step-By-Step Overview

1. There are four options you can use when adding a new loan to MortgageDashboard. They are found on the left side tabs of the pipeline. This tutorial will focus on the “importing files” application.
creating applications

A. Importing Files

MortgageDashboard supports the import of FannieMae files. If you have any existing in that format that need to be transferred over, you can click on “Begin Importing FannieMae 3.2 Files”. Then, all you’ll need to do is click “Browse” and choose the file wherever you have placed it. Finish by clicking “import FannieMae 3.2 File”. MortgageDashboard will take that file, generate a 1003 and add the loan into your Prospect pipeline.

import files

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