Tutorial: Adding Email Application


Creating Applications.

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can create an application through MortgageDashboard’s four application functions. It will also provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.

Step-By-Step Overview

1. There are four options you can use when adding a new loan to MortgageDashboard. They are found on the left side tabs of the pipeline. This tutorial will focus on the email application.
creating applications

A. Email Application

If you would like the borrower to fill out the loan application, you can email them a link here. Type in the borrowers e-mail address into the field and click “send”. You should receive a notification at the top of MortgageDashboard confirming that you have sent the email. The Borrower will then receive an email with a secure link to the web application. The email will come from your email address that you set up in the “settings” tab.

If you need to send another link to fill out an application, simply repeat these steps.

email application

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