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This information provides an overview of the infrastructure that supports MortgageDashboard loan processing software, including hosting and networking, security, scalability, business continuity, change management and monitoring/call center support.

MortgageDashboard understands that our customers expect their on-demand application(s) to be available to them 24x7x365 and for their data to be protected with the utmost security and recoverability, and we are committed to providing the highest levels of service.

Hosting and Networking

MortgageDashboard’s solution is hosted in a Tier 1 data center facility with a fully redundant architecture and connections to multiple service providers, and it is maintained by application hosting and infrastructure management experts. The infrastructure includes:

  • Redundant network connectivity to multiple Tier 1+ transit services
  • Redundant firewalls configured with session based fail-over
  • Redundant load balancers
  • Load-balanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Redundant core switch fabric


MortgageDashboard employs best practices to ensure maximum security of customer data. As noted above, the MortgageDashboard infrastructure includes redundant firewalls that are managed and monitored around-the-clock to permit or restrict network traffic and safeguard systems and data from unauthorized access. To provide a further layer of security, a load-balanced IDS analyzes all traffic for attack signatures and other anomalies and alerts support personnel of suspicious activity for immediate follow up. Signatures identify patterns of events specific to known attacks. Because attack methods are constantly evolving, signatures are regularly updated on the IDS modules to enable the detection and prevention of newly identified security threats.

Network segments are isolated via VLANs to compartmentalize customer implementations. Network segments are further isolated into a DMZ network (for public-facing servers) and trusted network for backend services. Backup and management networks are isolated from production network to prevent network bridging. All ports that are not required for application functionality are implicitly denied at all tiers. Servers are hardened to turn off unnecessary services and proactive maintenance occurs on an on going basis to insure all appropriate security patches released by vendors are applied in a timely manner.

Physical security specifications at the hosting facility include:

  • 24x7x365 on-site security
  • Biometric hand geometry readers
  • Fully anonymous exteriors and secure perimeter
  • CCTV digital camera coverage of entire center
  • Silent alarm and automatic notification of appropriate law enforcement officials protect all exterior entrances
  • CCTV integrated with access control and alarm system.
  • Motion-detection for lighting and CCTV coverage


To ensure that the MortgageDashboard infrastructure is robust and flexible enough to support our expanding user base, it has been architected for maximum scalability through a utility computing approach. This type of implementation enables us to increase capacity on an as-needed basis and without disrupting availability simply by adding servers. The addition of components allows the fully fault-tolerant, grid-based architecture to scale exponentially. Because of this, MortgageDashboard customers can be assured that their applications will be available to them at any time, regardless of the total number of simultaneous users.

Business Continuity

MortgageDashboard mortgage software is hosted in a Tier 1 colocation facility with full redundancy. Tier 1 colocation facilities are built to withstand fires, floods and earthquakes and offer multi-level physical security, power systems with distributed redundancy, and environmental controls to provide optimum conditions for equipment operation.

Regular backups are an integral part of delivering a secure and recoverable SaaS offering. Backup rotation is conducted on a nightly basis for MortgageDashboard customers, with backup tapes stored offsite, so that critical data can be recovered and restored quickly in the event of media failure, hardware failure or human error. Although MortgageDashboard does not assume that data loss will occur-and best practices are enforced to ensure that it does not-a thorough plan for recovery has been established.

Change Management

MortgageDashboard change management procedures offer a comprehensive approach for addressing change planning, implementation and follow-through in a manner that ensures quality support for end users. A key element for the success of any system is the assurance that changes have been fully reviewed, tested and documented, and that everyone who might be affected by the change is aware of, and agrees to, the activity. Too often, systems experience catastrophic failures due simply to uncoordinated activity, loss of knowledge, or just plain forgetfulness. MortgageDashboard’s streamlined change management procedures balance the “need for speed” with sufficient planning, review and agreement so that we can provide efficient and uninterrupted service to our customers.

The first step to implementing a system change is for the change request to be submitted in writing, via a change request form. After the request is submitted, both parties meet to discuss the change and make any needed modifications to the change request. The change request is then fully documented, with the inclusion of a complete back-out plan to return the system to a known state in the event the change does not operate as planned. The approved change request form is then signed by both parties. Prior to implementation, the change is tested to the satisfaction of both parties and, once implemented, is fully documented, with all related documentation updated to reflect the change. Monitoring is enhanced for a 48-hour period immediately following the change. For emergency changes (i.e., those that are required immediately to restore system stability or security), the request form is waived, but pre-established documentation, notification and escalation procedures are followed.

Monitoring & Support

MortgageDashboard is monitored and supported around-the-clock. Integrated system, network, application and transaction-monitoring tools check various performance and availability metrics continuously (e.g. CPU utilization, disk space and availability, URLs), 24 hours per day, and trigger automatic alerts in the event of a problem. Alerts are identified and resolved by the skilled technicians in our 24x7x365 call center within guaranteed timeframes, using established issue resolution procedures. End users have access to the superior customer service and technical support delivered from the call center around-the-clock. Your comments and feedback are aggregated by our support personnel so that we can continually strive to improve the user experience of our software.


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