Recent MortgageDashboard Updates in September

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New Features, Enhancements, Forms and Bug Fixes

New Features and Enhancements

  • 1003 Page 1 Update – Sync Additional Fields from ParentID to ChildID’s
  • MI Rate Finders Update – Add Essent Link
  • MI Worksheet Update – Changing Loan Amount Updates Paid in Cash
  • GFE Settlement Service Provider List Matching ParentID to ChildID values
  • CRM Update – Campaigns Display List Screen Corrections
  • Top 50 Contacts & Top 10 Realtor List


  • Form Update – New Initial Fees Worksheet
  • Appraisal Payment Authorization Form
  • Form Defect – Editable Forms Not Printing User Input Values
  • Form Correction – Truth in Lending (TIL) needs check for Fixed vs. ARM transaction

Bug Fixes

  • Calculation Defect – PMI for some Conventional Loans off by $0.01
  • MI Worksheet Calculation Defect – Monthly Conventional Loans Not Using Total Loan Amount
  • Printed 1003 Defect – REO Printing with incorrect property flags
  • MI Worksheet Calculation Defect – 2nd Renewal not Calculating off Total Loan Amount
  • UI Update – Corrections to Initial Unmarried Coborrower Input Screen
  • Title Holding Field Not Displaying Borrower(s) Name
  • Rent Payment Displaying on Lease/Ground Field of 1008
  • CRM Defect – Contact Add Tag Drop Down Not Functional



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