Recent MortgageDashboard <br />Updates in March

Recent MortgageDashboard
Updates in March


Recent Updates in March

New Features and Enhancements



  • Option to Enable/Disable the Homeownership Counseling Form API Check
  • Printed Forms Defect – Identified Service Provider Pulling Data Template not UI Values
  • State Forms Audit – Connecticut (CT) State Specific Forms Tab Update
  • State Forms Audit – Pennsylvania (PA) State Specific Forms Tab Update
  • State Forms Audit – Virginia (VA) State Specific Forms Tab Update
  • Form Update – 4506-T Add UI Option for Line 5 and Data Template
  • State Forms Audit – North Carolina (NC) Updates and Corrections
  • Forms Update – GreatDocs August 2013 Changes
  • State Form Audit – Louisiana Required Forms
  • 1003 Form Update – Expand Legal Description Printed Area
  • Printed 1003 Defect – Former Address on Printed 1003 Not Mapping Correctly
  • Qualified Mortgage (QM) – ATR Worksheet Field Update – Vested Interest in Retirement Fund
  • New Form – Mortgagee’s Assurance of Completion (HUD-92300)
  • Form Defect – New Jersey Application Disclosure Printing Incorrect Page 1
  • Forms Audit – Maryland (MD) State Specific Forms
  • Form Update – Request For Title Commitment Corrections
  • Form Defect – 1008 Transmittal Summary Goes to Error 500 Page
  • New Form – GreatDocs Notice of Intent to Proceed with Loan Application
  • Printed Forms Defect – Incorrect Phone Number when Loan Is Brokered To Option Used
  • Forms Audit – Delaware (DE) State Specific Disclosures


Bug Fixes

  • ARM Defect – Interest ARM Payment Calculations when InterestOnly:=Yes
  • Pipeline Defect – Application ID’s Becoming Stuck in C-Alert Pipeline
  • Qualified Mortgage (QM) – High Priced Mortgage Loan (HPML) Check C-Alert Corrections
  • Reports Defect – Create Custom Report Function Missing From UI.
  • Combined 1008 Transmittal – All Other Monthly Payments Incorrect

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