Recent MortgageDashboard <br />Updates in June

Recent MortgageDashboard
Updates in June


Recent Updates in June

We have introduced new features, enhancements, forms, bug fixes, and updates to the CRM and MortgageCenter.


New Features and Enhancements

  • New Network Status Center with Notification Subscription
  • Recent Update Center with Notification Subscription
  • New Calendar in CRM
  • Workflow Update – Tools Menu Options Mark Appropriate HMDA Action Taken Field
  • Calculation Update – Monthly MI Amount Calculated on Base Loan Amount Only
  • GFE Update – Remove Check for Paid By = Lender when 802 Discount is also Input
  • LOS Forgot Password Feature – Additional Corrections and Updates
  • Credit Application Update – Add TBD Checkbox to Transaction Tab


  • New Custom Form – FHA Residual Income Worksheet (Manual Underwrite Only)
  • Forms Update – Corrections on Payment Values when % Above Note Rate Feature Used
  • Processing Forms UI – Email Request Error Message Disable Save Functions.
  • Form Printing Defect – Origination – ARM Related Disclosures Stuck Queued when Generated
  • Forms Update – Colorado (CO) State Specific Form Corrections
  • Form Update – Kansas Broker Disclosures Updated Mapping
  • Form Defect – ATR Debts Income and Assets Worksheet Self Employed Income Printing
  • Forms Audit – Kansas (KS) State Specific Forms
  • Form Update – Conventional Gift Letter

Bug Fixes

  • GFE/TIL Defect – Incorrect Max Ever with Monthly Mortgage Insurance
  • Calculation Defect – 1003 Page 2 – Subtotal Liquid Assets Not Including Other Assets Entries
  • TIL Defect – Escrow Taxes and Insurance Row Calculation Error
  • Geocoder Issue – County Not Populating and Address Disapearing
  • Email Request functionality is failing for title-request
  • Calculation Defect – Incorrect Loan Amount(w/MIP, FF Fin): on Conventional Loans
  • Calculation Defect – Incorrect FHA Monthly MI Amount on Sandbox and Production

CRM & MortgageCenter

  • Calendar – Customization of Appointments
  • Update Activities Tab
  • Calendar – Shared Calender
  • Calendar – iCal Export/Import
  • Calendar – Automated Calendar Entries for Followups



About MortgageDashboard

Introduced in 2001 as the first product to market, MortgageDashboard was founded with the sole purpose of developing the very best-of-breed cloud-based mortgage loan origination software. Built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, MortgageDashboard is an end-to-end application spanning loan origination and business processes to automated compliance alerts and point-of-sale loan applications.