Recent MortgageDashboard Updates in May

New Features, Enhancements, Forms and Bug Fixes

New Features and Enhancements

  • Calculate LTV/CLTV Based off Lower of Sales Price or Appraised Value
  • Reports Update – Add Source, Lender, and Referral Partner Fields
  • Origination Channel Added to GFE
  • Home Finance Calculators
  • FHA Check Box Auto checking
  • Data Template Update – Add Property Type: field to 1003 section
  • Add number of months for Homeowner’s Ins on line 903 in the GFE.


  • Forms Audit – Illinois (IL) State Disclosures 04/04/2013

Bug Fixes

  • TIL Defect – Not Generating APR Values on Duplicated Loans
  • Scope out sync of field mapping between key fields between MDB, IDS, and OB
  • Workflow Issue – Duplicated Loans Need to Update Date Printed Date
  • Various Corrections for Loan Summary pop out window

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