Recent MortgageDashboard Updates in June

New Features, Enhancements, Forms and Bug Fixes
New Features and Enhancements

  • Feature Request – Conversation Log for Duplicate Applications
  • Feature Request – Load Master and Navigation Templates for Unmarried Coborrower ID’s
  • Flood Interface Update – Review and Remove Obsolete Options
  • New Field Option – Estate will be held in


  • Form Update – 2nd Page UI for Illinois Description of Required Documentation
  • Forms Update – HUD-NPMA-99 A and B

Bug Fixes

  • Form Defect – 203(k) Maximum Mortgage Worksheet Calculations
  • TPO Update – Correct companies displayed in Third Party Originator drop down
  • Escrow Check Box
  • Defect – Various 1008 Transmittal Fields Not Saving
  • Search Doesn’t display contact without email id
  • Pipeline “View In CRM” Functionality
  • Defect – ARM Payment Details on the GFE are Printing Incorrect Values
  • Defect – Other Income Printing Label on 1003 When 0.00
  • Defect – Various Errors with Basic and Custom Reports

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