Recent MortgageDashboard <br />Updates in April

Recent MortgageDashboard
Updates in April



Recent Updates in April

We have introduced new features, enhancements, forms, & bug fixes.


New Features and Enhancements

  •  GFE Update – Added Button to Auto Calculate 10 Business Day Date Field
  • Print Logic Update – Prevent Printing When Date Printed > Current Date
  • Calculation Update – APR Excluding Fees NOT Paid By = Borrower on GFE
  • LOS UI Update – Display New Columns For Employments Section of 1003


  • Form Update – Initial Fees Worksheet Updates and Revisions
  • GreatDocs Forms Update – February 2014
  • Form Defect – Appraisal Waiver Printing Wrong Borrower Address
  • Form Update – Texas Mortgage Company Disclosure NMLS Field
  • Form Update – Maryland (MD) Financing Agreement
  • Form Defect – FHA Transmittal Printing Incorrect Property Type
  • Form Defect – 1008 – Uniform Underwriting and Transmittal Summary(Legal Size) Not Available in LOS
  • Form Issues – Custom ATR Debts Income and Assets Worksheet and Large User Input Values
  • Form Defect – FHA Transmittal Total Income with Negative Values
  • Form Logic Update – ATR Debts Income and Assets Worksheet REO Exclusions
  • VA Certificate of Eligibility Form Not Saving Data
  • GFE Update – Block 9 > 0.00 if Escrows = Yes
  • Printed 1003 Defect – Former Address with Multiple Owned By Both and Individual Residence Entries

 Bug Fixes

  • Housing Counseling API Error Message Issue
  • APR Calculation Defect – FHA Loans < 90% Not Using 132 Months for Calculation
  • System Defect – Not Saving 1003 Page 1 On New Application ID’s Results in GFE Error 500
  • HCLTV calculating incorrectly
  • Fannie Mae 1008 Transmittal not printing 2-4 units or changing Buydown option chosen on PDF
  • Application Summary Defect – Application Progress Recording Multiple Master and Navigation Template Entries
  • DTI and 1008 Defect – % Above Note Rate Option Not Recalculating DTI Based On Higher P&I Payment
  • Credit Application Deleting Address Fields

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