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MortgageDashboard offers the solutions you desire at one affordable, monthly subscription. While other companies may nickle-and-dime their customers with hidden fees, MortgageDashboard comes complete with our full product line and the availability to serve your needs.

Is this the only plan?

One subscription to MortgageDashboard currently includes all of our features and products. This includes our award-winning loan origination software, MortgageCenter Borrower application, Customer Relationship Manager, eBriefcase & C-alerts.

Are there any discounts?

Due to it’s cloud-nature, MortgageDashboard is a scale-able application that fits companies from one to one thousand users (and above!). Talk to us today about bulk-discounts.

When will my account be activated?

After requesting a demo and proceeding with a sales agreement, we ask all of our new users to undergo one-on-one training with a MortgageDashboard representative. The training is free (and doesn’t take long!) and we provide your log-in credentials following completion.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, although we would hate to see our friends leave, you can cancel your account with a 30 day prior notice at any time by contacting our support team or by submitting a trouble ticket inside of the MortgageDashboard application.

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