Recent MortgageDashboard<br />Updates: First Quarter

Recent MortgageDashboard
Updates: First Quarter

Recent Updates in First Quarter

We have introduced new features, enhancements, forms, bug fixes, and updates.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Admin Update – LOS Loan Number Updates and Corrections
  • Restrict LOS Users Saving When Loan is clear to Close or Higher Status
  • LOS C-Alert – Lock Expiration Warning
  • Add Lock Status Options to Pipeline Search Page
  • GFE UI Update – Default Do Not Round Interest Checkbox = Yes
  • UI Update – Add Print View Option to Various Processing Forms
  • Qualified Mortgage (QM) – Updated to Points & Fees Thresholds January 2015


  • Print Defect-USDA Worksheet for Documenting Eligible Household and Repayment Income
  • LOS – GFE Update – Automatically Map Lock Information to GFE 2010 and Items Payable
  • Printed 1003 Update – Loan Originator’s Phone Number Not Printing and Mapping Clarification
  • Form Defect – Texas Company Disclosure City, State, and Zip Code Address Missing
  • Print Defect- 1st Lien Fee Sheet Automatically Selecting POC Box for MI Amount.
  • Form Defect- TX Conditional Qualification Letter (Mortgage Broker/Loan Officer) not printing full LO’s name
  • Form Update – ARM Disclosure 1-1-5 Government Treasury Updates 2015


  • Banker/LOS – Field Update Feature – Investment and Second Home LTV Cutoff Values on MI Worksheet
  • LOS – UI Update – Add Save Function to Processing Form Print View Buttons
  • LOS Workflow – Additional Editing Restrictions for Closing Submitted or Higher Status
  • LOS Workflow Update – Disable Retract and Submit Button Depending on Banker Status
  • LOS – Workflow Update – Disable Move to Closed/Withdrawn From Pipeline View
  • LOS – Workflow Update – Restrict Locking Loans for Applications in Various Status

Bug Fixes

  • LOS Workflow Update – Transfer Loan to LO Does NOT Change Loan Status
  • Template Update – Sync Navigation Template and Master Template between Primary and Child ID’s

Network Services

  • Credit Vendor Update – Refresh Report (LQI) and Mortgage Only Options for Credit Plus/Meridianlink
  • Optimal Blue Integration – Update Identifier Fields
  • Optimal Blue Integration – Total Loan Amount to Base Loan Amount Support
  • Optimal Blue Integration – POX Product/Loan Program Coordination
  • Banker – Optimal Blue – Support for CLT Values from Second Lien and HELOC’s
  • UI Update – Enable Optimal Blue Pricing UI For Borrower Type = Prospect


  • CMLS Field Update – Support for Multiple Race Choices on Page 9
  • Mortgage Center (CMLS) – UI Update – Field Level Updates and Corrections
  • CRM Defect – Error When Manually Creating New Contact
  • CRM Defect – Campaign Target Search goes to Error 500 Page

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