MortgageDashboard releases Compliance Module

Mortgage compliance

MortgageDashboard offers compliance help for state licenses

The new module allows corporate administrators to easily manage licenses for users.

Austin, TX – November 7, 2007 – The Austin-based technology company VueCentric, Inc. has released a new state licensing module for use in its MortgageDashboard™ loan origination system. The module, which will be utilized by corporate administrators, allows for efficient management of state licenses throughout a company’s entire corporate hierarchy, ensuring worry-free compliance.

With the new module, corporate administrators are able to manage licenses easily, with the ability to create and replicate state licenses to branches and users throughout a company’s corporate hierarchy. Administrators can give users access to a state instantly, while the new bulk delete feature allows for quick removal of licenses. The module also offers administrators the ability to view licenses sorted by state, company or user.

“The greatest benefit any company would gain is the management of both company and user licenses for forms, for HR and lastly from an auditing perspective,” said Colleen Geisler, Director of Business Solutions at VueCentric, Inc.

The new module provides MortgageDashboard™ administrators with more information and better functionality while maintaining the best data integrity possible, giving a company peace-of-mind, she said.

“Now with our new and improved administration module, our enterprise clients are resting easier knowing their state compliance is easily set, state and company license audits are more efficient, and the users can be set with as little or as much information as they choose to allow,” said Geisler.

Benchmark Mortgage, a longtime user of MortgageDashboard™, helped bring about the new module by requesting an effective tool for managing and viewing licenses.

“As compliance and regulations increase in the mortgage industry, it is imperative to have a system that will insure compliance as it relates to licensing for branches and loan officer,” said Bryan Harlan, CEO of Benchmark Mortgage.

“The licensing module developed by MortgageDashboard™ fulfills that need better than any other application in the market.”

VueCentric, Inc. was founded in 2001 and specializes in providing OnDemand software. The company’s MortgageDashboard™ loan origination system is the leading Web-based solution for paperless loan origination and processing. The system allows for multiple-role access in real-time and offers features such as document upload and storage, a forms library, an online Web application and seamless ordering of services through the company’s BundleOne™ platform. The system also includes a customer relationship module (CRM) for maintaining a database of contacts, managing tasks, and creating mass e-mail campaigns. For more information, please call 800-209-8812 or visit

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