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For Release December 19, 2006
Contact: Jorge Sauri, CEO 512-637-9751

MortgageDashboard™ is helping American investors buy real estate in Mexico.

AUSTIN, Texas, December 19, 2006—Vuecentric Inc., Austin-based developer of MortgageDashboard™, the industry’s leading mortgage loan origination system provided under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, is currently powering the back office for a new international mortgage lending effort that is helping American and Canadian buyers invest in real estate in Mexico. A hot industry trend, Mexican real estate has become increasingly attractive to U.S. homebuyers.

MortgageDashboard™ is the first online lending platform to be adapted to an international real estate lending process. Through this deal, Vuecentric is working with GainClients, Inc., a Web-based technology provider, and Hermosillo, Sonora-based Carefree Mortgage, a mortgage broker specializing in American loans for Mexican homes. GainClients is making the MortgageDashboard™ front end available for use on the websites of Mexico-based real estate agents, who then use the software to send leads seamlessly through to Carefree Mortgage for processing and funding.

“This is a huge deal for Vuecentric because MortgageDashboard™ is essential to the operation,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of Vuecentric. “Mexican real estate has been a hot investment opportunity for American homebuyers for some time. Through this deal, MortgageDashboard™ will not only power the loan origination, which is our proven competency, but we’ll also capture and track the lead on the front end.”

MortgageDashboard™ has always had solid lead tracking technology built in, but Sauri says that Mexican laws don’t have the same restrictions when it comes to who can profit from the origination of the mortgage lead. Consequently, this deal allows Mexican real estate agents to use MortgageDashboard™ as their own front-end, making it that much easier for Carefree Mortgage to take the loan on to funding.

“This is a perfect example of technology enabling a complex process to flow smoothly and efficiently,” said GainClients president and CEO Ray Desmond. We’ve been making the system available for the past six months, and we already have an impressive pipeline of loans flowing through to our lender.”

MortgageDashboard™ is a complete, Web-based loan origination system that allows brokers to track and manage their leads, upload all paper documents and achieve straight through processing. In addition, the LOS can gather leads from the Web seamlessly and brokers can even provide short applications for use by realtors on their sites that will send leads directly into the broker’s LOS.

MortgageDashboard™ provides loan product optimization, loan application processing and all state-specific forms and disclosures. It also comes with the BundleOne tool that makes it easy for originators to do business electronically with vendors of their choice, such as appraisers, title companies and wholesale lenders.

About VueCentric
Founded in 2001, VueCentric, Inc. is a privately held mortgage technology developer specializing in providing Software as a Service (SaaS). The company’s MortgageDashboard™ web-based loan origination and processing software is the nation’s leading paperless SaaS LOS. Based on the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization’s (MISMO) data standards and e-Mortgage guidelines, MortgageDashboard™ is the solution of choice for mortgage loan officers and brokers, Net Branch providers and mortgage banks for paperless mortgage loan origination and processing in real-time. For more information, contact VueCentric, Inc. at 800-209-8812, or by surfing to

About MortgageDashboard

Introduced in 2001 as the first product to market, MortgageDashboard was founded with the sole purpose of developing the very best-of-breed cloud-based mortgage loan origination software. Built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, MortgageDashboard is an end-to-end application spanning loan origination and business processes to automated compliance alerts and point-of-sale loan applications.


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