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Setting the Standard in Innovation

Plano, Texas – April 25, 2014 – A leading technology provider of cloud-based solutions for the residential mortgage industry, MortgageDashboard announced last Wednesday the 2014 road map for technological innovation at the Benchmark Mortgage Operation Summit.

MortgageDashboard intends to create a more integrated user experience from the point-of-sale to post closing by Labor Day 2014. The road map detailed expansions of the current MortgageDashboard Software-as-a-Service offerings, as well as the roll out of an additional product, Banker. New features of the MortgageDashboard platform included:

  • A new version of the Customer Relationship Manager with improved contact management, scheduler, and email campaigning.
  • A new version of document solution eBriefcase that allows users to submit files to the investor and share documents between parties more securely.
  • Complete automation of MortgageCenter with the ability to automatically pull credit from the preferred credit vendor, run AUS, price the loan and product, perform document assembly, and allow borrowers to e-sign online or on their mobile device.
  • Banker, a complete back-office extension that manages underwriting to post-closing.
  • Elimination of all third-party systems through a strengthened integration between MortgageDashboard products.

“Our goal is to improve loan quality, efficiency and user experience,” said CTO Jorge Sauri, “MortgageDashboard is helping mortgage lenders save time and eliminate redundancy. We are leading innovation for finance technology.”

Creating an End-to-End Product Line


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If you’ve kept up with the MortgageDashboard blog, we’ve had a lot to say about MortgageCenter lately. The latest version of the point-of-sale loan portal has given your borrower’s access to a full 1003 and is under girded by a status-based notification system. After loan application submission, the portal becomes a complete information hub that can even include conditions to close. View-able on any iOS or Android device, MortgageCetner is synced with the MortgageDashboard loan origination software for the best data integrity and efficiency possible.

By labor day of 2014, MortgageCenter will also be able to automatically pull credit from your preferred credit vendor, run AUS, price the loan and product, perform document assembly, and allow borrowers to e-sign online or on their mobile device. This innovation will reduce redundancy and data entry for the loan officer which allows users to generate more business.

End-to-End loan origination software 1

Loan Origination Software

MortgageDashboard’s loan origination software has been an industry leader in cloud-based mortgage solutions since 2001. In the past year, we’ve released a brand new version of the LOS as well as robust real-time qualified mortgage and ability-to-repay compliance tests.

After the borrower has submitted a loan application through MortgageCenter, the loan officer is notified by push, text or email and the complete 1003 is available in the loan origination software. All changes to the file inside the loan origination software are reflected in MortgageCenter. As part of the coming innovations, lenders will be able to submit their loan to the underwriter inside of MortgageDashboard, which passes the loan to the Banker extension.

End-to-End Banker Software


Currently in testing, Banker is the newest extension of MortgageDashboard. Handling everything in the back office from underwriting to post-closing, Banker completes the end-to-end experience for any MortgageDashboard user. Banker eliminates the need for other third party systems such as Webtrac or Datatrac and is synchronized with all other extensions of MortgageDashboard.

With Banker, you’re operating in the most secure environment because data never leaves MortgageDashboard. Users view their pipeline according to their role, so workflows are streamlined and data makes sense.

End-to-End ebriefcase


With the extension of Banker, document management system eBriefcase also becomes extended to securely pass files through each phase of the loan process. When additional documents are needed, borrowers will be able to use MortgageCenter to upload directly into eBriefcase. The result is the most secure file management system available. In addition, the new version of eBriefcase will allow users to submit to the investor within the system.

End-to-End customer relationship manager

Customer Relationship Manager

From beginning to end, the MortgageDashboard Customer Relationship Manager helps users generate new business in order to repeat the sales process. Synced with the web-based client portal MortgageCenter, all of a loan officers contacts and referral partners are managed from this robust extension. The Customer Relationship Manager eliminates double entry because all of the information within MortgageDashboard is shared with it.


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About MortgageDashboard

Introduced in 2001 as the first product to market, MortgageDashboard was founded with the sole purpose of developing the very best-of-breed cloud-based mortgage loan origination software. Built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, MortgageDashboard is an end-to-end application spanning loan origination and business processes to automated compliance alerts and point-of-sale loan applications.