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The current market offers an incredible opportunity for the prepared mortgage bank with cloud-based mortgage banker software. An industry-wide shakeout has sent hundreds of lenders out of the business and stretched the resources of the nation’s largest lenders to the limits. Mortgage banks that can recruit, train and empower the next generation of mortgage originators will control the market of the future. That is, if they have the right mortgage banker software. Access to the right technology and the right support are required for success. A mortgage banker software solution is now one that places increased importance on compliance. With Industry regulation becoming the norm these days, one must look to cloud-based mortgage software to fulfill ever changing compliance needs. It is reported that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is going to spend an estimated 50% of their budget on regulating the mortgage banker. As a result of the ever changing compliance climate, the client or server based installation software is going to fade into memories of the past. In order to keep up with industry guidelines that change sometimes monthly, you must use a mortgage software that updates when compliance does.

Cloud-Based mortgage software means that you no longer install a clunky application that needs updates several times a year. Instead with cloud-based mortgage banker software the end user just logs in using a standard web-browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome. All of the updates are rolled out by the software vendor though the cloud-based portal and thus there is nothing to download ever. You simply login and use the software as normal and the updates are there ready to use and on demand.

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 “We’ve Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Taking our Business to the Cloud with MortgageDashboard”

-Bryan K Harlan, CEO of Benchmark Mortgage

MortageDashboard is the ideal technology partner for the growing mortgage bank because we are the pioneers in the cloud-based mortgage banker software market. We have been advocating the efficiency of cloud-based software, also known as cloud computing, for over 12 years. Over time your company can save thousands upon thousands of dollars by taking your mortgage banker software into the cloud. Please call or request a demo to learn more about how this solution can save you money and increase productivity of your sales-force.

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