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MortgageDashboard is a new kind of lending software (although we’ve been around since 2001) that is using the newest technology to make loan fulfillment simple, intuitive, and human. In other words, the kind of software we’d want for ourselves. With one subscription to MortgageDashboard, our user’s have access to the loan origination software and 4 powerful extensions built for their needs.

The completely paperless system includes everything mortgage brokers and bankers need from origination to funding, and it’s all available on the cloud.  With seamless ordering from the MortgageDashboard Network and cloud-based document management, MortgageDashboard provides solutions for easy marketing, effective administration and powerful pipeline management.  Build your business while staying organized, compliant, and in control.

We care about your efficiency.  In addition to all of the features available to you with the MortgageDashboard loan origination system, we ensure that you will be able to make the most of the system with free, unlimited support and training.  A trained specialist will guide you through every step of our simple, easy-to-use product. With no installation or burdensome upgrades, you can have peace of mind with a secure environment and powerful data protection whether you’re a single user or a large company.

MortgageDashboard’s features allow it to stand out as the most complete on-demand mortgage loan software available. With the power of Software as a Service and the ability to be completely paperless and cloud-based, MortgageDashboard is the most efficient, affordable and user-friendly mortgage software available for mortgage brokers and bankers today.



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loan software solutions

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End-to-End Check My Loan Status


The latest version of the point-of-sale loan portal has given your borrower’s access to a full 1003 and is under girded by a status-based notification system. After loan application submission, the portal becomes a complete information hub that can even include conditions to close. View-able on any iOS or Android device, MortgageCenter is synced with the MortgageDashboard loan origination software for the best data integrity and efficiency possible.

End-to-End loan origination software 1

Loan Origination Software

After the borrower has submitted a loan application through MortgageCenter, the loan officer is notified by push, text or email and the complete 1003 is available in the loan origination software. MortgageDashboard’s loan origination software has been an industry leader in cloud-based mortgage solutions since 2001. In the past year, we’ve released a brand new version of the LOS.


Compliance Alerts

For enterprise companies, compliance can become an almost unmanageable burden. Keeping track of the actions of multiple branches can require an entire team of highly skilled compliance managers, and the associated costs are high. MortgageDashboard, however, leverages some of that burden through C-Alerts, the built-in compliance management system. The always up-to-date compliance rules engine automates compliance management, alerting users whenever non-compliant actions are made. Undergirding the system are real-time qualified mortgage tests and easy forms to automate ability-to-repay.

End-to-End ebriefcase


Cloud-based document management system eBriefcase securely passes files through each phase of the loan process. The files stay grouped with the loan file and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. When additional documents are needed, borrowers will be able to use MortgageCenter to upload directly into eBriefcase. The result is the most secure file management system available.

End-to-End customer relationship manager

Customer Relationship Manager

From beginning to end, the MortgageDashboard Customer Relationship Manager helps users generate new business in order to repeat the sales process. Synced with the web-based client portal MortgageCenter, all of a loan officers contacts and referral partners are managed from this robust extension. The Customer Relationship Manager eliminates double entry because all of the information within MortgageDashboard is shared with it.


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