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Plenty of people will tell you that in today’s modern mortgage business; it’s all about the data. While that is true on the surface, we’re still working in a document-centric world. Borrowers expect to see documents and regulators still believe that solving industry problems is accomplished by adding, deleting or changing paper documents. Originators also need a solid lending solution to manage all of these documents. Whether they are printed on paper or simply electronic images, MortgageDashboard delivers it.

That’s why we created E-Briefcase. A paperless lending solution tool that enhances paper-dependent processes without reinvention by creating a central repository that facilitates collaboration and the most configurable, comprehensive document management system available.

eBriefcase Features


E-Briefcase has front-end “point of capture” tools that enable users to capture documents from a variety of input sources. Easily upload documents to the XDOC server from within your LAN/WAN or securely over the Internet. Input sources can be manual, including scanners, application printing, email, or copiers, or automated, including fax servers or file gateways. E-Briefcase intelligent file catalog interface allows easy document indexing, splitting, and categorizing at point of capture or later in the document workflow.


Documents are available from a standard web browser at any point in the business workflow. E-Briefcase rich set of collaboration tools, including annotations, document notes, document security, and bundling, result in increased communication and productivity across users and business processes. 


Advanced imaging features with document merging and monitoring creates a complete document management solution. Automatic archiving provides fault tolerance and disaster recovery, and enables you to meet business compliance requirements by enabling multi-layered user and document permissions. 


Documents can be packaged and delivered to customers, vendors, or partners, allowing your business to remain efficient and competitive. E-Briefcase supports multiple delivery formats (TIFF, PDF, XML, MISMO smart doc, etc.) across virtually any communication protocol, including email, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and fax.

Secure & Efficient.

It’s simple. Using a paperless document management system keeps you organized and efficient. That’s why MortgageDashboard was designed as an end-to-end paperless loan processing software for lenders, credit unions and banks. By storing your documents on our secure cloud-server, users can minimizes mistakes and know exactly who is working with their documents. Tired of sending faxes? With MortgageDashboard, you can easily order appraisals, credit, flood certificates, title, and escrow with our online vendor management system, eBriefcase.


E-Briefcase is MortgageDashboard’s unique document management tool. It was created to easily capture files, collaborate with processors, manage, and deliver documents to customers, vendors or partners- all within the system! From now on, you can eliminate the need to pass around emails between team members. Stay organized and up-to-date with our online conversation log which tracks all notes by loan personnel. Moreover, our online tasking creates a better communication process for loan processors and underwriters about needed items. Preparing documents for review has never been easier. Enter closing data, select plan codes, perform audits, and order closing documents all within your loan file. You also have the option of using our doc prep services to draw your losing documents seamlessly.

Supporting virtually any communication protocol with multiple delivery formats, documents can be packaged and delivered to any customer, vendor, or partner. With a rich set of collaboration tools, including annotations, document notes, document security, bundling, MortgageDashboard allows your business to remain efficient and competitive. Get results in productivity with the right loan processing software, MortgageDashboard.