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Discover an easier and affordable loan origination software.

MortgageDashboard was designed to operate as a Software as a Service model. That means all of our integrated on-demand tools are available on an affordable pay-per-loan basis or subscription service. Everything mortgage lenders need to underwrite, approve, lock, print compliant documents, close, Q/C, sell and ship loans into the secondary market is packaged into one small price that can be totally recoverable on the closing table. Our fee shows up as document preparation on the HUD-1, ensuring you a fast return on investment. Users on our subscription service can also experience the ease of paying one small rate per month.

This is not your average loan origination solution. Our completely paperless system includes everything mortgage brokers and bankers need from origination to funding, and it’s all available on the cloud. With our integrated MortgageDashboard Network and cloud-based document management, MortgageDashboard provides easy solutions for your marketing, administration and pipeline management. Not to mention, implementing our software into your workflow is easy. Our talented team of software professionals are available at any time to help train and guide you through our easy-to-use loan origination solution. We’ve designed our program to meet your needs and build your business. With MortgageDashboard, our customers stay organized, compliant, and in control.

Stop robbing yourself with expensive loan origination software. With no installation, free and instantaneous updates, and unlimited service and technical support, users can save money and make their software work for them. Our seamless, on-demand application provides all the critical elements for complete loan fulfillment. And, with a long history in the finance industry, our developers are keen to the needs of mortgage lenders. With great tools like our integrated Customer Relationship Manager and Compliance Alerts, it is clear that MortgageDashboard was built with it’s user in mind. Rid yourself of worry and save money by choosing a loan origination software built exactly for you. That’s why MortgageDashboard has been an industry-leader in loan origination software for over 12 years.

Stop robbing yourself. Use a loan origination software that works for you.
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