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In 2001, MortgageDashboard began offering it’s award winning cloud-based loan origination software. Today, MortgageDashboard is used by thousands of loan officers nationwide and includes powerful features such as our compliance alerts, customer relationship manager and an integrated document solution.


Compliance Alerts

MortgageDashboard’s unique C-Alerts, or real-time mortgage compliance alerts, manage compliance on behalf of the lender.  These integrated tools monitor your loans and notify you anytime a non-compliant action is requested.  More than notifications, however, MortgageDashboard will also offer a solution for you.  Since MortgageDashboard is web-based and updated continuously, you’ll never have to worry about your compliance software becoming outdated.

Customer Relationship Manager

MortgageDashboard recently released CRM 2.0, which provides new tools for customer relationship management right inside the loan origination software. This complimentary application helps lenders before, during and after their transactions with email campaigns, referral accounts, calendar scheduling and reporting features.

MortgageCenter App

MortgageDashboard provides it’s users free access to MortgageCenter, a forward-facing self-service borrower portal. Borrowers can now sign on to the mobile-ready CMLS and fill out a loan application, check their loan status, send secure messages, upload documents and see a holistic summary of their information. Since MortgageCenter is synced with MortgageDashboard, all information is accurate and up-to-date which gives borrowers a better loan experience.


MortgageDashboard offers eBriefcase, a paperless document management tool. Acting as a central repository, eBriefcase helps loan officers capture documents, collaborate with a rich set of tools, manage documents securely and deliver packages to customers, vendors or partners. Supporting multiple delivery formats, and powerful standards for compliance, eBriefcase is the most configurable, comprehensive document management system available.

Originate Efficiently.

MortgageDashboard is built for better loan fulfillment. In this video, Customer Care Technician Brandon Hearne demonstrates how MortgageDashboard can easily streamline your workflow by originating a loan in 14 minutes and in only 6 steps. Starting a loan product, completing a 1003, pulling credit, ordering Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter, completing the Good Faith Estimate and Truth in Lending, and printing/emailing disclosures are just the surface of the power behind this lending software.

MortgageDashboard has the depth and tool set for any scenario. Not to mention, the software keeps you fully compliant with the CFPB. Third party systems can deteriorate your work flow, but MortgageDashboard has all the applications you need built inside.

MortgageDashboard is Available in

Cloud-Based: MortgageDashboard offers users the ease and compatibility of cloud-based mortgage software. With one end-to-end product, lenders have access to their loan files from anywhere at any time – from home, the office, or even Starbucks.

No IT Team Needed: Eliminating the high costs of IT, MortgageDashboard does not require installation and there is absolutely no continuous maintenance cost. Whenever there is a new software update to MortgageDashboard it is automatically synced with every users account.  Consider the time and money you could be saving! Many companies also require users to purchase new software when an upgrade is released. MortgageDashboard adapts and evolves with it’s user at no extra cost.

Support: Our team is always finding new ways to make you more efficient. We’re proud of our reputation for quality service and our support team is available for you anytime you need it.

Cloud-based loan origination is quickly becoming the preferred method of information management throughout the mortgage industry. With a single integrated application, all the necessary elements for complete loan fulfillment can be the fingertips of loan originators, processors, brokers, underwriters and closers.

Mortgage bankers need mortgage software as good as they are. The current market offers an incredible opportunity for the prepared mortgage bank with cloud-based mortgage software. Access to the right technology and the right support are required for success. With increased importance on compliance and the ease of our paperless e-briefcase , MortgageDashboard leads the industry in cloud-based mortgage software.

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For Community Banks

The proper loan origination software can empower loan officers to meet the needs of their own communities. Compete with larger lenders by taking advantage of our fully integrated customer relationship manager, which allows you to market and generate more leads.

For Credit Unions

When choosing the right loan software for your credit union, consider the cost of compliance. With fully-integrated compliance management software, our C-Alerts keep you updated with the latest rules, including Dodd-Frank. MortgageDashboard has several Qualified Mortgages features built-in!

For Mortgage Bankers

The ideal technology partner for your growing mortgage bank, MortgageDashboard has been a pioneer in cloud-based mortgage software since 2001. Let our support team train your users and become your help-desk. Our MortgageCenter borrower application also creates a holistic experience for your borrowers unlike any other software.


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