Order Services from your Loan Origination Software.

Ordering vendor services is a large part of the loan origination process, and MortgageDashboard makes it easy for you with vendor service management available directly from our loan origination software.

In 50 seconds:

Imagine being able to do everything you need to order, track, manage and receive vendor services seamlessly from inside one cloud-based system anywhere at anytime. This is possible with the easy-to-use MortgageDashboard network included within the loan origination software. No phone calls, no e-mails, no faxes – just simple and efficient vendor management and loan origination software directly from inside your cloud-based mortgage software.

The MortgageDashboard Network makes it easy for you to order, track and manage vendor services completely seamlessly from MortgageDashboard. Our network saves you time and money by allowing you to order all of the vendor services you need from directly inside a file with access to the vendors of your choice. You no longer need to rely on outside sources or spend time tracking status’. The MortgageDashboard Network allows you to complete the entire service ordering process electronically. You can even receive the final product from your vendor directly inside the file.

The MortgageDashboard Network ensures that vendor management is completely efficient, easy and seamless. Multiple user roles have access to view the information about ordered services, ensuring everyone stays updated. Once vendor products are received, the documents can be stored and managed electronically inside the system, keeping the loan origination process completely paperless.

Dashboard Network + eBriefcase

E-Briefcase is MortgageDashboard’s unique document management tool. It was created to easily capture files, collaborate with processors, manage, and deliver documents to customers, vendors or partners- all within the system! From now on, you can eliminate the need to pass around emails between team members. Stay organized and up-to-date with our online conversation log which tracks all notes by loan personnel. Preparing documents for review has never been easier. Enter closing data, select plan codes, perform audits, and order closing documents all within your loan file.

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