A Credit Union’s Mortgage Software of Choice.

Maintaining relationships is key to the success of a credit union. Of all of the institutions that can finance a borrower’s home, only the credit union is marketing these products to its members. Knowing this, it is important to incorporate the right mortgage software and Customer Relationship tools into your loan officers hands. That’s why we created MortgageDashboard, our integrated on-demand mortgage software.


Only the best loan origination software platforms come with efficient Customer Relationship Management tools. By using MortgageDashboard™ you can easily keep your members in constant contact throughout the loan process. Integrated within our loan origination software, our CRM is designed to help credit unions take control of their business and create a productive, less-stressful environment. Enjoy the luxury of maintaining only one database that needs to be updated. 

When choosing the right mortgage software for your credit union, you should consider if it comes with compliance management. MortgageDashboard comes fully-packed with our unique C-Alerts that are built in to automatically notify you when a file is out of compliance. Let your LOS manage the timing of your disclosures and re-disclosures of your vital loan documents and empower your loan officers.

We’ve designed our software to deliver a streamlined, lightweight and simple user experience.


With the release of MortgageDashboard Version 5.0, we believe we have our finger on the heart beat of our credit union subscribers. We have given a year’s worth of thought and coding into our new version, and we are so pleased to deliver this newest version of MortgageDashboard.

The right tools and support make all the difference, which is why MortgageDashboard is an industry-leading mortgage software. Schedule a demo of MortgageDashboard and discover why hundreds of credit unions nationwide use MortgageDashboard.

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