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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be difficult in any business, but when the lending industry’s customer satisfaction ratings consistently fall below those of government agencies the problem takes on epic proportions. Despite the poor rankings the mortgage industry earns, there are professional loan officers working in the business today that consistently deliver exemplary service to their customers and earn repeat and referral business. What they lack is the technology to effectively manage the CRM process.

That’s why MortgageDashboard has added CRM functionality to its industry-leading consumer loan software. New tools built right into the LOS now make it easier than ever to manage your customer relationships BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the transaction.

CRM Features


Captures basic information of new/existing contacts going through the sales process.

Import the contacts information through the IMPORT feature (.CSV format files).

Tagging: A loan’s related parties can be added as contacts and can be tagged to predefined business or custom categories.

Tracking of contact history.


Automatically capture basic loan information of potential clients (borrower, co-borrower, income, expenses, and loan) when a new application is created.

Integration with third party services like a la mode.

Email Campaigns

Generate campaigns based on leads, borrowers, and contacts.

Drip campaign: by setting delays (days, hours and minutes).

Generic campaign: trigger campaign based on start and end date.

Event-based: when creating or modifying events of leads, contacts, and borrowers.

Powerful search to select the audience for campaign.

 E-mail Templates

Allows users to create e-mail templates to message leads, borrowers, or contacts.


Scheduling calls and meetings: Scheduled calls and meetings with users, contacts, and leads. When you schedule a call or a meeting, you are creating a record about the subject of discussion, the participants, the time period, and the status. After you save this information, you can send out an invitation to all the participants immediately or at a later date. You can create a note or add attachments before or after a call or a meeting occurs. After you complete a call or meeting, or if you cancel it for any reason, you can update its status for the record.

Creating Tasks: Based on your work-related activities, you can create tasks and assign them to yourself or to other users. When you create a task, you can relate it to a specific record such as an account or an opportunity. You can also revise the task status and priority at any time to keep your records up-to-date.

Creating Notes and attachment: You can create or import notes related to a specific call, meeting, or task for distribution to participants. Notes enable you to add comments on a subject and maintain a record of discussions pertaining to a call, meeting, or task. You can also attach supporting documents to a note.

Videos for Every Feature

Stop feeling overwhelmed by long text documents without any visual instructions. MortgageDashboard Ask MDB video tutorials ensure your learning experience is a breeze. We know that adding a new software into your workflow can be a burdensome task. That’s why our support team is a moments call or email during normal business hours. Have a feature request or a suggestion? Email our team at and we’ll do our best to help you!

Boost Sales Productivity

Now every loan officer can take care of business. Being efficient depends on everything related to your contacts and calendar streamlined in one organized place – and we’ve conveniently added it to your loan origination software at no extra charge. With the MortgageDashboard Customer Relationship Manager, you’re informed and prepared for every interaction with your borrowers, leads and contacts. Automating tasks and email campaigns improve your workflow and let you focus on creating and capturing new opportunities. Take the guesswork out of marketing and convert more sales.