A Better Community Bank Lending Software.


If the social media revolution has taught us anything, it’s that community is important. That’s still just as true offline as it is on the Web, which puts community banks in a great position in today’s market. To truly reach maximum productivity with your client base, you must have the best lending software available.

MortgageDashboard specializes in cloud-based lending software. With fully compliant loan disclosures with warranties through Harland Financial Solutions, MortgageDashboard also has compliance rules built in to the system. C-Alerts are unique only to our lending software. These alerts notify the loan officer when a file needs to be disclosed or re-disclosed. It is also the only loan origination software solution that tracks the APR variance to notify you of the requirement to re-disclose the Truth in Lending Disclosure in accordance to requirements set forth in the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act.

MortgageDashboard is also the only product that has a fully integrated Customer Relationship Manager solution built into their mortgage software. A CRM allows for loan officers to properly market to their community prior to the loan application. Allow automated emails to “drip” to the consumer during and after the loan process and become more efficient with your time. Help ensure that the status updates are automatically sent and that the consumer receives the proper service level that one comes to expect from a community bank.

By empowering loan officers with the proper lending software, they can meet the needs of members of their own communities. Help create defensible markets to compete with larger lenders. Leveraging yourself through technology can enhance and deepen relationships. All of which is possible with MortgageDashboard.

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