Make Your Loan Origination Software Work For You

MortgageDashboard is powerful on-demand loan origination software. With a proven and reliable mortgage document preparation solution for lenders, MortgageDashboard was built on a highly secure and scale-able technology platform with embedded compliance content that delivers compliant mortgage and home equity disclosures and closing documents. Learn more about our benefits by reading below.

improve document quality
Create standard and custom loan origination and closing documents quickly and accurately using data from MortgageDashboard.

Achieve up-to-the-minute, reliable compliance
A fully integrated and systematic change management process ensures that compliance updates are correctly implemented and cascaded to all impacted documents.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency
Efficient work flow processes help ensure accurate and efficient loan execution and support traditional paper-based and electronic transactions.

introduce and reca;l products more quickly
Automated workflow, detailed audit trail and integrated version management help lenders deploy or retract products.

Attain multi-channel compliance and consistency
Comprehensive data, forms and rules management engines provide lenders with flexibility, customization and validation steps to consistently deliver the correct document package across all loan types.

Control the loan product life cycle
Monitor product transactions by channel, state or market over the life of product and provide tools to help identify product opportunities or changes.