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Your Complete Loan Portal.

Think of it as your borrower’s do-it-yourself lending application. Your clients are now able to log on, apply for a loan, see their complete loan information and even receive email notifications as their loan status changes. Built on the latest HTML5 & CSS3, MortgageCenter is a secure and mobile-friendly loan portal that comes at no charge to MortgageDashboard subscribers.

How does it work? The moment a borrower registers through your unique MortgageCenter URL, a new loan file is generated in MortgageDashboard. As they update and submit their loan application, your 1003 is automatically updated. Why is this necessary? Because data entry robs you from the time you could have spent generating more leads. Discover the most advanced and unique borrower software in the mortgage industry today.

MortgageCenter (Formally, Check My Loan Status) Features

Loan Application

When your borrower creates an account in MortgageCenter, they will immediately be taken to apply for their loan (and you’ll receive an email notification that they have). Our loan application is simple, organized, mobile-ready and built to help your borrower finish correctly. After a loan application has been completed, you will receive an email and you can access the loan in your MortgageDashboard pipeline.  It’s that easy!

Total Loan Information

After completing a loan application, your borrower has instant access to their total loan information . Any change you make in MortgageDashboard will automatically update MortgageCenter.  Your borrower will know the basic information about the property, the status of the loan, the conditions to close, and even the names of the processor and other people who might be working on their loan.

Email Notifications

 MortgageCenter features a secure email notification system that alerts you and your borrowers to changes in the loan. After an account is created, you will be notified that the borrower has began the loan application. When a 1003 is submitted, you will receive a similar alert and immediately have access to the loan in MortgageDashboard. Has the loan been moved to processing? Now your client will know as soon as you know. As the loan file moves through the various stages, your client is notified. MortgageCenter creates a stronger line of communication in a hyperconnected world. 

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

As Bryan Yurcan from Bank Systems & Technology puts it, “Financial service firms need to focus on creating tablet-friendly websites in addition to native tablet apps.”MortgageCenter is our response to a necessity in the finance industry- and it comes with any MortgageDashboard subscription. Give your borrowers their information instantly, securely and on any device they want. Not to mention, it is beautifully designed.  

See MortgageCenter in Action

Absolutely everything is built to make our users more efficient. MortgageCenter puts a mobile-ready loan application in your borrower’s hands, on the cloud, and synced with the MortgageDashboard loan origination software. After the application is submitted, MortgageCenter becomes a complete information hub for both your borrower and realtor. See the video for a look into MortgageCenter!

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