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Get ready for a more powerful lending software. Start-up your browser, log on and start originating loans. It’s that easy! MortgageDashboard provides mortgage automation designed to serve the individual needs of loan originators, processors, brokers, underwriters, and closers. This seamless, integrated application provides all of the critical elements for complete loan fulfillment.

Built around the concept of Software as a service (SaaS), MortgageDashboard is fast to implement, easy to use and very affordable. Whether you’re a small mortgage bank, credit union or community bank with only a few originators, or have a national presence with thousands of originators, MortgageDashboard will make your business faster and more effective – starting today!

Our workflow continuity will expedite decisions, optimize productivity and rout information to the right person, at the right time, THE FIRST TIME! The synchronized data effectively enables multiple parties to actively participate in the mortgage origination process simultaneously.


Since MortgageDashboard supports a wide range of reporting filters and management options, you can effectively facilitate high performance management of every step in the loan process.

Our electronic vendor network allows credit service providers to integrate their solutions with MortgageDashboard mortgage automation system. This powerful platform will help promote products, and deliver services directly into the originators workspace. Electronic credit delivery will reduce cost per transaction while increasing your speed and accuracy; therefore your transaction volume can increase dramatically. An integrated networking solution will enhance control over a multi-role mortgage infrastructure, and loan protocol.

With exceptional security and data protection, as well as free, informative training and support, MortgageDashboard gives peace of mind to its customers. MortgageDashboard strives to provide the best customer support available for all of its on-demand solutions, giving you the power to work with confidence.

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